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Making Data Reporting
A Breeze

Our Data-Centrix technology ensures the accurate, complete, consistent & timely delivery of data to consultant databases globally. Ready to learn how our technology can help your firm?

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How does your firm currently report your data/information to consultant databases?
How many databases does your firm currently report to?
If you were considering outsourcing, what are the most important factors you look at when selecting a provider?
If you are considering outsourcing, what is the timeframe you are targeting?
Would you be interested in a demo of Data-Centrix?

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Built for managers seeking simplicity, efficiency, and resource minimization, Data-Centrix was designed to:

Expedite the timely

flow of accurate information

to consultant

databases globally.​

Simplify the reporting

process with intuitive data templates.

Provide a cost-effective solution designed to maximize manager results while minimizing expense.

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