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Simplify Consultant Database Reporting

IMSS streamlines and simplifies the database reporting process so you can focus on what you do best – raising assets.

Our Services


Database Reviews & Recommendations

Data-Centrix clients receive an initial review of current database reporting as part of the onboarding process.  What managers can expect:

  • Assessment of current data reporting and profile completion rates.

  • Review of current databases being populated to ensure our clients are positioned to increase their inclusion in search activity.

  • Review naming conventions for all strategies and vehicles for consistency across databases.

  • A report outlining deficiencies and recommendations for next steps. 


We offer non-client managers this service on an hourly project basis for a single database or many. 


Profile Onboarding for Firms & Strategies

We assist managers new to database reporting or those who want to add new strategies with:

  • Intuitive Data-Centrix data templates that reduce manager resources on data collection.

  • Bulk uploads historically for all Firm/Strategy data in a single template with one-click uploads.

  • Comprehensive proprietary narrative workbooks to quickly build firm/strategy profiles.

  • Document uploads – GIPS, ADV’s, Prospectus, Org Charts etc. and corresponding dates noted in databases.

  • Database recommendations based on fit and potential ROI.


Ongoing Database Reporting & Oversight

We provide managers with a complete end-to-end database support solution.  Clients can expect:

  • A dedicated Client Relationship Manager who is highly accessible and available via phone and email.

  • Access to Data-Centrix Manager Portal for data/document uploads.

  • Monthly and Quarterly updates for all data sets.

  • Monthly Factsheet uploads.

  • Document uploads as required.

  • Ongoing narrative updates.

  • Notification of databases structural changes and reporting requirements.


Unmatched client support

Consider IMSS an extension of your team. Every client is assigned a dedicated Client Relationship Manager to help every step of the way.

Improve profile completion rates

IMSS ensures the accurate, complete and timely delivery of information to consultant databases globally. Our clients achieve upwards of 90-100% profile completion rates, significantly improving access to investor search activity. 

Reduce strain on internal resources

An investment firm's focus should be on raising assets, not database population. Our reporting process optimizes the flow of information and significantly reduces the time and resource constraints on managers.

Expertise that matters

With over 30+ years of combined industry experience, we have a deep understanding of the importance of data population and information flow and how it can impact your firm’s sales and marketing efforts. IMSS takes an independent approach to your firm’s unique challenges.

Case Studies

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Let us help you gain visibility, access new search activity, and uncover new opportunities. 

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