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Create Data

With over 30 years of experience in the data management & distribution industry, the IMSS team is proud of its reputation as leading industry resource. 

The Challenge

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We have spent decades working with investment firms challenged with meeting data distribution requirements due to time constraints and resource limitations.  

You've Got The Data.
We Have The Experience.

We don't just sell software; we bring a partnership to managers with over 30+ years of combined experience in database and content management. 

Our top priorities in both automation and oversight are accuracy, completeness, consistency, and timlieness.

Our deep experience brings long-standing relationships with the major databases and our clients. 

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Our Approach Is As Unique As We Are.

The databases are constantly evolving. It is our job to ensure that our systems are up to date on all database changes, new fields, changing requirements, and processes.


We continuously monitor all databases within our system to ensure our Data-Centrix automated solution, and our clients, are fully up to date.

“We began our relationship with IMSS based on a colleague recommendation to assist us in writing RFP’s and DDQ’s.  It was evident to us immediately that the team paid great attention to detail and ramped up very quickly.  A year into our relationship we decided to outsource our database population due to limited internal resource bandwidth to complete this process in the intricate detailed manner we wanted. " 

Director of Client Service & Trader / Director of Business Development
Investment Firm, New York, NY - Client since 2018



Our Commitment To Quick Resolutions.

Our team has spent years building strong internal relationships with consultant database professionals that are invaluable to both us as a firm, as well as our clients. Direct access with consultant liaisons within industry-leading firms allows us to address issues in the moment, resulting in quick resolutions for our clients.

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