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Consultant Database Population – The Benefits of Automation

As managers seek to raise assets, one area critical to that process is reporting to consultant databases to gain access to investor search activity.  After all, managers are in the business of managing money.  Building database profiles is an opportunity for a manager to tell their story not only through their narratives, but data supporting what they say they do. Consultants and investors alike spend an extensive amount of time collecting and analyzing vast amounts of information to make informed allocation decisions. From risk management and compliance to analyzing an investment strategy process, both Quantitative and Qualitative information plays a pivotal role in gaining access to search activity.  However, managing this process can be a daunting task with an increase in changes to the database structures and the volume of data requirements continuing to grow. So why is automation a key outsourced solution managers should explore?

Data automation uses technology in the collection, processing, and distribution of manager data to consultant databases globally. Automating this process allows firms to streamline their operations, reduce costs and time on internal resources and report accurate, consistent, and complete information on a timely basis.

In this blog, we'll explore some of the benefits of data automation for clients currently managing this process in-house and/or those considering outsourcing this critical function. Our Data-Centrix technology has been instrumental in working with managers to meet the demands of reporting across all databases and asset classes.

Improved accuracy and consistency

Manual data processes are prone to human errors and oversight leaving the potential for managers to miss out on search activity.  Data automation can significantly reduce the margin for error by capturing issues prior to reporting to the databases with built-in error detection on initial upload to the platform. This allows for two things to happen; first, issues are corrected at the manager level allowing them to clean up their data internally, and second, avoiding information being reported to consultant databases that can create accuracy and consistency issues thereby raising questions.  In addition, automation captures all data point requirements critical to search screens.  Managers can avoid missing information with automation built to capture information across all areas consistently.

Increased efficiency and expedited reporting

Consultant databases capture the same data in a multitude of different ways.  Managers are tasked with breaking down data to meet these demands, creating a level of inefficiency if they are reporting across many databases and having to dissect the same data differently for each system.  Data automation allows for greater efficiency by streamlining the data collection process internally, retrieving data in its correct form, and expediting the reporting process to all databases.  This removes the heavy lifting on managers and can significantly reduce the burden on internal resources, thereby saving time managers could allocate to other important functions. With an efficient process in place, managers lower the risk of missing deadlines critical to searches.

Cost savings

Data automation is a reliable cost-effective solution for investment firms that can reduce the internal resources required to manage this task.  The cost to hire an individual or team of individuals can be paramount regardless of firm size.  For smaller boutique managers they are meeting the bare minimum of reporting because of limited personnel to manage this task.  For larger firms, they must hire a team of individuals that comes at a high price tag.  Outsourcing provides a team of individuals who are highly experienced at a significant reduction in cost to oversee this critical function and can save firms thousands of dollars.  Expediting the process through automation increases a firm’s ability to increase visibility to search activity and raise aum while saving money.

High-level client service support

It’s not just about data automation, having a client relationship team with a deep level of knowledge of the database structures that is highly accessible is essential.  Understanding reporting requirements and staying abreast of and communicating changes are paramount to ensuring the cleanest profiles.  In addition, having access to internal contacts at the consulting firms can fast-track resolving issues and the onboarding process of firms and strategies.  Managers are often not experts in this arena so hiring a firm who is highly experienced can make the difference in profile completion and visibility to searches.  Our Data-Centrix technology was built on 30+ years of combined experience in hands-on database reporting by our client relationship team so we know the process well.

Data automation can have a significant impact on streamlining a firm's operations. Through automation, managers can improve accuracy and consistency, increase efficiency and productivity, save on internal costs, and work with a dedicated team of professionals who understand the database reporting requirements.

Our Data-Centrix technology was built with managers in mind to save time and resources through automation with just one click.  Schedule a demo today,


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