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Making Data Reporting
A Breeze

Our Data-Centrix technology ensures the accurate, complete, consistent & timely delivery of data to consultant databases globally.

The Data-Centrix Difference

Dedicated to the financial services industry, we deliver to clients an efficient, robust, automated, and streamlined solution.

 While our technology simplifies data management, our strong focus on client service and hands-on engagement to maximize database opportunities is what differentiates us. In fact, IMSS supports each client with a dedicated Client Service Manager to oversee all reporting functions end to end, including providing vital data profile consulting, comprehensive updates, database education and liaison work, and RFP/DDQ drafting. 


Built for managers seeking simplicity, efficiency, and resource minimization, Data-Centrix was designed to:

  • Expedite the timely flow of accurate information to consultant databases globally

  • Simplify the reporting process with intuitive data templates

  • Significantly reduce internal resource hours wasted on data management

  • Improve data integrity with built-in error detections and data reconciliation end to end.

  • Ensure consistency of reported data

  • Provide a cost-effective, outsourced solution designed to maximize manager results while minimizing expense

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