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Consultant Databases: Creating profiles that increase opportunity to raise AUM

For managers who want to increase access to new search opportunities, having a better understanding of the overall reporting process is key.

The input affects the output and reporting isn’t solely about the depth of information populated, but the quality of reporting as well.  Challenges usually begin with internal resource constraints, a common catalyst that limits the ability of firms to complete this daunting task to the level it should be.  Turnover and/or inexperienced staff unfamiliar with database structures and requirements often leads to incomplete, inconsistent, and inaccurate information. Whether one person or a team is responsible, having a proven and accountable process is essential to creating profiles that make sense. 

Critical to that end and equally important, building comprehensive profiles that are 90-100% complete is necessary for screening against a peer universe. 

Subpar reporting impacts visibility to searches and managers should be reporting as if everything is a screening opportunity.  Databases are also an opportunity for managers to tell a compelling story.  Data is a validation of a manager’s investment process, and written narratives should be supportive of that data and clearly align with how a manager defines what they do. Consultant databases are where searches start and often the precursor to receiving an actual RFP and should be completed with the same level of detail. 

A few key things for managers to understand:

Profile completion rates above 90% can significantly increase visibility to search activity.  Most databases are comprised of qualitative and quantitative information, both equally important to complete – they go hand in hand. 

Critical items managers need to populate, strategy applicable, that impact searches:

  • Performance and AUM.

  • Fundamental Characteristics.

  • Allocations – Countries, Sectors, Market Caps, Exposures, Maturity, Distribution etc.

  • Portfolio uploads.


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