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Our Data-Centrix technology ensures the accurate, complete, consistent & timely delivery of data to consultant databases globally.

We help you put your best data forward by eliminating:

Incomplete Databases

Average database completion rates are 50-70%. IMSS clients have 90-100% completion rates.


With searches often driven by data screening, completion rates are critical to your success.

Inaccurate Data

Time and resource constraints result in inaccuracies and inconsistencies.


Our proprietary automation software, Data-Centrix eliminates these concerns with its streamlined one and done process and built in error protection system.

Untimely Reporting

 Missing a reporting deadline by a single day can create lost search activity for an entire month. 

Our cutting-edge automation software ensures that your data is submitted on time, every time.

Who We Are

IMSS is a leading resource for database management and data automation for clients in the financial services industry.


 In addition to providing vital data profile consulting and maintenance, database education and liaison work, comprehensive updates, and RFP/DDQ drafting, IMSS also offers a proprietary, automated data reporting tool, Data-Centrix, that is the culmination of 30+ years of industry experience

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Built By Experts, 
Made For Managers

Built by a dedicated team of senior developers and investment data professionals that have spent decades entering manager data into industry leading databases, Data-Centrix  automates and streamlines the flow of data reporting to consultant databases, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and timeliness of your firm's data reporting.

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