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IMSS: A small firm with a big impact

Patricia O'Donnell, formerly Sandoz, founded IMSS in 2017 to meet a growing segment of the  investment industry where managers often fall short: consultant database population. After 2 decades in the institutional third-party marketing space that included database reporting, she knew her expertise in this area was vastly different from other offerings. She built IMSS to offer clients a different approach to reporting from years of her own experience.  Given how critical reporting is to managers raising AUM, her focus was not simply plugging in data, but building a standardized, seamless process that also ensured the accuracy of information managers were providing.  

Patricia started in the industry in 1996 and has worked with firms across all asset classes, capital structures and vehicle types. After decades of experience reporting directly to consultant databases, Patricia knew the challenges and constraints managers were facing in meeting the growing demands of the consultants. Common struggles managers faced were the lack of time and internal resources, no dedicated and consistent team to oversee the process and a lack of experience and understanding to support their database reporting needs. Reporting, while critical, was not completed to the level it should be, putting managers in a challenging spot to meet the growing requirements of an evolving part of the industry. With sub-par reporting, managers were missing the mark in accessing search activity critical to growing AUM.

In 2017, IMSS was born. The primary goal was to build a culture of team members who have in-depth industry knowledge, are independent thinkers, and would add value to a collaboration of ideas as a firm. Her approach wasn’t about taking on every client to grow the firm, but more about building long-term relationships that work because of a shared understanding of long-term goals – a critical component in any true partnership.  

The team had a shared belief that a strong focus on client service should be paramount. Together they have built a solid reputation in the industry for their level of knowledge and experience, reliability, and for delivering a consistent, repeatable process for clients. This expertise combined with long-standing relationships built directly with the consulting firms gives IMSS a competitive advantage in the industry.  

In 2020, Patricia developed Data-Centrix, a technology designed to further streamline the process of data collection on managers and expedite the flow of information to consultant databases globally. Data-Centrix was built from the ground up by a team of in-house developers under the direction of Patricia. She used her expertise to develop a technology that was highly intuitive and that would save managers time and resources, simplify the reporting process, and create a standardized way of reporting. Intuitive templates were designed to reduce the reporting collection efforts on managers, while still capturing important aspects of data fields critical to search activity. These templates dramatically reduce the effort needed to complete database profiles, giving managers the ability to improve their completion rates, helping them gain visibility and increase access to investor search activity they may otherwise be missing.  

The IMSS team brings managers a unique approach in supporting a role critical to raising AUM in many ways. As an extension of our client’s team, we bring a true partnership to managers and support them in building comprehensive profiles that gain them visibility and improve access to investor search activity they may otherwise be missing. Let IMSS put your firm on the map and become your partner in consultant database reporting.


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