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Data Done Right.

Ensuring the accurate, complete, consistent & timely delivery of data to the financial services marketplace. 

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Incomplete Databases

Average database completion rates are 45-65%. IMSS clients have 90-100% completion rates.


With searches often driven by data screening, completion rates are critical to your success.

Inaccurate Data

Time and resource constraints result in inaccuracies and inconsistencies.


Data-Centrix eliminates these concerns with its one and done process and built in error protection system.

Untimely Reporting

 Missing a reporting deadline by a single day can create lost search activity for an entire month. 

Don’t miss a single day with

We help you put your best data forward by eliminating:


Built By Experts, 
Made For Managers

Built by a dedicated team of senior developers and investment data professionals who have spent decades entering manager data into industry leading databases, Data-Centrix now automates and streamlines the flow of data reporting to consultant databases.

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