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Ensuring Accurate, Complete, Consistent, & Timely Delivery of Data to the Financial Services Market

Consultants and investors rely on manager data to make informed decisions, from managing risk to evaluating investment opportunities. For data to be meaningful and allow managers to screen into search activity, it must be accurate, complete, consistent, and delivered in a timely manner.

Accuracy is of utmost importance when it comes to reporting across consultant databases. Incorrect information can mean the difference between what a manager states they do versus what the data shows they do. Inaccurate data can potentially lead to missed opportunities if the criteria being searched on is incorrect, thereby leaving a manager out of potential investor searches. To ensure accuracy, it’s important for managers to have a thorough understanding of the data being requested, the sources used to collect information is consistent and having established processes in place to validate and verify what’s being reported.

Complete manager profiles are also critical to search activity and should include all relevant information related to the Firm and Strategy. Profiles are an opportunity for manager to tell their story both Quantitatively and Qualitatively and can negatively impact a firm’s ability to screen into searches due to missing information. Ensuring completeness requires a robust governance framework that defines what information should be collected, how it should be processed and who is responsible for it.

Consistency is key for maintaining a clear understanding of a manager across all databases. Inconsistent data can lead to confusion and could harm the decision-making process to hire a firm. To maintain consistency, it's important to have established data standards and data quality checks in place as well as a review process after reporting.

Timely delivery of data is critical to investor search opportunities that can be missed if data is not updated by the due dates specified. Missed deadlines can impact a manager’s visibility by as little as a day after a due date has passed. The use of automation and real-time data collection can help ensure that the most up-to-date information is available and updated on time.

Accurate, complete, consistent, and timely delivery of data is essential to investment firms screening into searches and raising aum. Having a streamlined process in place, a solid understanding of consultant database structures and reporting requirements, in addition to data quality checks are all critical to increasing visibility, search activity, and telling a manager’s story.

We have spent decades working with investment firms challenged with meeting data distribution requirements due to time constraints and resource limitations. Our unparalleled expertise assists firms in navigating this challenging process end to end. To schedule a Data-Centrix demo with one of our consultants, please reach out today.


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