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How Will 2022 Database Changes Affect You?

While change is always a constant in the world of consultant databases, 2022 was a particularly notable year with huge transitions underfoot that impact managers in several ways. Here are our top 8 highlights to ensure you are up to date to meet database requirements as we prepare for the final quarter of 2022:

  1. Fully revamped database structures that streamlined reporting for several consultants.

  2. Increases in qualitative and quantitative requirements across databases.

  3. A large shift in additional data points requested with a notable increase in ESG/SRI, Diversity & Inclusion across most major databases.

  4. The eVestment migration actively impacting both Cambridge and Mercer data feeds.

  5. The shift in the frequency requirements of information being reported with InformaIS moving to a quarterly [only] reporting structure for AUM.

  6. Morningstar restructuring how it collects AUM data, removing tables such as AUM by Client Type and Account Size alongside other structural changes.

  7. Callan’s shift to year end only employee updates, a more efficient portfolio reporting structure and also a change in sourcing to eVestment for a limited number of data points.

  8. Data changes within Preqin, Rock Creek, and Albourne applications, to name a few.

As we begin planning 2022 year end data reporting, managers should carefully assess their expanded data sets as required by the databases, and the impact of any of the above highlights on reporting. For managers who are already outsourcing their database population, here is some good news--you may expect to save money rounding out 2022 and into 2023 with the removal of Cambridge and Mercer profiles and associated fees.

Please be sure to carefully assess your costs and opportunity set given this change. If a demo of IMSS Data-Centrix would assist you in taking stock of your data requirements, current submissions and resource allocation, we would welcome scheduling a complimentary review.


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