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Overwhelmed by Database Reporting? Data-Centrix Can Help!

In this increasingly fast-paced tech and data-driven world, the key to investment

managers raising assets rely heavily on data distribution to consultant databases. Sustaining high visibility is achieved when managers have complete, accurate, timely, and consistent profiles across all consultant databases that they report to. Searches are often a precursor to an actual RFP/RFI/DDQ, so it is imperative that managers are maximizing their efforts in this critical function to access new business opportunities.

In this blog you’ll learn how IMSS and our Data-Centrix technology assist investment managers to streamline and expedite their consultant database reporting efforts and build comprehensive profiles and increase visibility. While firms understand the important role reporting plays, many are missing aspects that can mean the difference between screening into versus out of a search within their peer group of competitors. One of the biggest challenges a firm faces is insufficient internal resources which are needed to tackle this daunting yet critical task. In addition, there can be a lack of understanding of the database structures - in part due to inexperience or staff turnover – which can lead to inaccurate information and missing data. To that, since 2021 we have been met with an evolving landscape of changes in many of the databases, currently, the largest being the migration of eVestment with Cambridge and Mercer. Our experience and extensive industry knowledge of these databases have allowed us to seamlessly manage the migration process for our clients successfully taking the burden off of them. A significant value add is our ability to work with clients on their current database reporting process, assessing their profile visibility, and identifying deficit areas and any new requirements due to changes within the databases. In doing this we help our clients build comprehensive profiles that put (and keep) them on the radar to search activity they may have otherwise been missing.

Data-Centrix is a cloud-based automated platform that provides investment managers with a suite of tools to effectively manage their data distribution in an accurate, consistent, and timely manner across consultant databases. Built with simplicity in mind it was designed to be data-centric - placing data at the center of its highly efficient reporting. Outsourcing database population using Data-Centrix is a cost-effective solution for managers that alleviates the strain on internal resources allows for the expedited flow of timely information, creates consistency across all databases, and increases visibility with profile completion rates between 90-100%.

Additionally, Data-Centrix provides investment managers with a high degree of flexibility and the ability to view the status of reporting status in real-time by consulting firm, and a quick view dashboard where managers can view pending, completed, and outstanding data for all time intervals historically at quick glance.

With in-depth built-in error detections across all templates, we can quickly reconcile data and identify errors and eliminate errors prior to reporting to databases. Reconciliation allows managers to also clean up data moving forward internally to avoid future issues. A leading provider of complete end-to-end solutions to reporting, we put a strong emphasis on client service with a highly accessible dedicated team with a dedicated Client Relationship Manager and backup to ensure a smooth transition. Our mission is to provide firms with a cost-effective, automated data solution that focuses on data integrity, and high-profile completion rates all while

expediting the timely flow and accuracy of your firm's information to leading consultant databases. Reach out today and we’ll let you know how much time you could save!


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