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The Importance of High Completion Rates in Consultant Databases

Accurate manager profiles are critical. Inaccurate or not up-to-date profiles will cause managers to miss inclusion in investor search activity. In our experience, the completion rate for database profiles averages between 50-70% - resulting in potentially reduced or missed search opportunities due to low or no visibility. Many firms are not only unsure of what their profiles look like but are not on top of the changing landscape of the databases such as new sections, structural changes, and reporting requirements.

Understanding what your profiles look like and how to improve visibility is often misunderstood by firms not familiar with the databases themselves. Our clients have an advantage in this area with completion rates of 90-100% and as a result, have a significant advantage showing up in searches against their peer universe competitors who may struggle with lower rates and poor visibility. IMSS clients achieve such high completion rates through a combination of advanced technology, in-depth knowledge of the databases, and highly experienced dedicated experts.

Our Data-Centrix technology is robust and highly intuitive saving managers internal resources, time, and money while delivering accurate, consistent, complete, and timely information across consultant databases globally. Our extensive experience and long-standing relationships allow for IMSS to address issues or discrepancies in a timely manner and avoid missed deadlines and inaccurate reporting. Our in-depth understanding and knowledge of each database allow us to ensure our clients are reaching high completion rates across the board.

While investing in advanced automation technology is a great solution to this critical function, expertise, a deep knowledge of systems and a dedicated client service team are equally paramount to consultant database reporting. Whether you're a large firm or boutique manager, the value of high completion rates cannot be overstated and are critical to being on the radar to search activity.


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